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Our Mission

FoundHealth’s mission is to empower people to find health. By providing credible information on treatments from many established healing sciences, we support the individual’s ability to craft a personalized and unique solution to their health challenges. The 4 pillars of FoundHealth are:

Empower People

FoundHealth believes people have the right to be well and thrive in optimal health. They have the right to information on every healing treatment and the right to use a combination of those treatments to find their health solutions. We believe that you have the ability to find your own best solution to treat your health challenge.

Credible Information

FoundHealth’s articles are written by people whose expertise comes from study in the field or extensive personal experience in dealing with a particular health challenge. Any FoundHealth contributor with expertise can create new articles or improve existing content. We believe health information is deemed credible through transparency about its source and its science.

Established Healing Sciences

FoundHealth provides information on all healing sciences and treatments in an effort to help individuals find the health solutions they seek. We believe that there has been an artificial split between the various healing practices. However, the breakthrough field of integrative medicine involves blending these varied healing sciences, and supporting the scientific study of previously undocumented treatments that encourage healing.

Personalized, Unique Solutions

By providing credible information on varied healing sciences and treatments, FoundHealth enables individuals to find unique and personal solutions to their health challenges. No two bodies or health challenges are alike. We believe that care plans are most effective when solution sets are personalized to each individual.

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