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Infertility and Causes: Men

Written by ritasharma.

Although fertility problems are often thought of as a woman’s condition, it may be the man that may limit fertility. The causes can range from hormonal to structural. A sound protocol will examine both the male and female partner to identify caused of fertility challenges.

Generally, male fertility falls into several categories:

  • Hormonalsuch as lowered levels of testosterone or thyroid imbalance
  • Structural such as damage to the testicles, whether developmental or from physical trauma
  • Reduced sperm or problems with ejaculation
  • Other causes can include chromosomal disorders; exposure to toxins, medications, alcohol or drugs; or general illness due to kidney disease, cirrhosis and malnutrition

Determination of male infertility often begins with a semen analysis, where the semen is collected and analyzed to look for overall count, proper shape and their ability to swim straight. They may also follow up with a physical examination and blood test to check hormone levels.

A general lack of sperm can be corrected through surgery if there is a blocked duct or physical ailment. In the case of retrograde ejaculation, the sperm may leak into the bladder instead and not available through the tip of the penis. If the couple is considering assisted reproductive therapy (ART) then the sperm may be taken directly from the testicles, or surgery could be performed to correct for the weakened sphincter muscles.

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