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Insomnia: Foods to avoid

Written by maria_rn, ritasharma.

If you have insomnia, you should considered avoiding the following food items:

Foods high in caffeine

Caffeine is a known stimulant and has long been linked to many sleep disorders, including insomnia, because of its known physiological effects. Caffeine induces alertness and may keep you awake for hours. It is important to avoid taking food items with caffeine especially in the late afternoon or evening to lower the chance experiencing symptoms of insomnia. Caffeine is found in various food items including: coffee, tea and chocolates.


Because it is known to quickly induce sleep, some turn to alcohol as an attempt to combat insomnia. They fail to realize that alcohol can not really provide a restful sleep. Alcohol can dehydrate your body, because of this you fail to get a deep sleep that will rejuvenate you. Because your body will signal you that it needs water, you're likely to wake up just a few hours after drifting in an alcohol-induced sleep

Foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates

These foods contain simple sugars, because of their chemical make-up, they are easily absorbed by the body. This means instantly giving you a burst of energy and it may disturb your ability to sleep. High sugar foods that you must avoid include: white sugar, commercially baked goods, energy drinks, candies, soda and donuts. Avoid spicy or fatty foods, beans, cabbage and peanuts.

The amount of food you eat and meal timing may also influence your sleep. If you've been having trouble sleeping, avoid large meals and beverages before bedtime. It's fine to have a light snack, but eating too much late in the evening can interfere with sleep. It would also help to drink less before bedtime so that you won't have to do frequent trips to the toilet.

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