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What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

What is Levofloxacin?

(lee voe FLOKS a sin)

• This medicine is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections.

What are the precautions when taking this medicine?

• Use caution in children younger than 18 years old. Talk with healthcare provider.

• If you have kidney disease, talk with healthcare provider.

• If you have low potassium levels, talk with healthcare provider.

• If you have seizures, talk with healthcare provider.

• Check medicines with healthcare provider. This medicine may not mix well with other medicines.

• Do not take dairy products, antacids, didanosine, multivitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, or sucralfate within 2 hours of this medicine.

• Limit caffeine (for example, tea, coffee, cola) and chocolate intake. Use with this medicine may cause nervousness, shakiness, and fast heartbeat.

• You can get sunburned more easily. Avoid sun, sunlamps, and tanning...