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Find an advocate to help you beat melanoma

Written by MRosenthal.

Advocates can be a big help

Finding one or more advocates for you during your fight is really important. These people will raise your spirits when you’re feeling down, support you with some of the tough decisions you will have to make, communicate with friends and family when you just don’t feel like it, go to the store when you’re craving something, and hold your hand when you’re scared.

In addition to the moral support, they will also help you navigate the morass of the health care system. It is truly unfathomable sometimes how challenging it can be. Even simple things like requesting copies of medial records for doctors can be a very difficult, bureaucratic, and time consuming experience. Additionally, it’s always important when you’re getting treatment or having surgery, to have someone there to watch out for you. Hospitals make mistakes, they bring the wrong food or medicine, the nursing staff is sometimes unresponsive, etc. Having someone there to watch over your shoulder can be a big help.

It’s ok to ask someone to help you. The reality is that we all need help sometimes – that’s what friends and family are for. So don’t be afraid to ask for help and receive help while you’re in this fight. It will make a difference for the better!

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