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Melanoma Blogs

Written by MRosenthal, green crane.

People around the world are affected by melanoma -- whether they are patients fighting it, or family and friends providing support, help and guidance. This page is dedicated to those who are Blogging about melanoma treatment and their journeys, and who through their writing, lend support and serve as an inspiration to us

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Posted 11 years ago

I first noticed a lump in my lymph node in early 2008, which was diagnosed, and I did a year of Interferon. At the end of 2010 a biopsy showed another lump, which has disappeared. I am in excellent health, and walk three miles most days. I also do acupuncture once a week, a Qi Gong class, and daily dream journaling (which helps me stay in touch with my emotions).

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vikdad1 11 years ago

That is so awesome Kristin! Great to hear about your triumph over melanoma! If you have any insights on interferon for melanoma, or acupuncture for melanoma, it would be great if you could share on those pages! Hundreds of people are searching for user stories about melanoma on FoundHealth.

Acupuncture: Interferon:

Thanks for sharing!

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