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Melanoma Resources

Written by MRosenthal, ritasharma.

An Overview

This resources page is a place for people to post information about helpful resources (people, doctors, clinics, books, videos, blogs, forums, etc.) in the battle to fight melanoma.

Doctors who can help you beat melanoma

Click here to see a list doctors that our community members recommend based on personal, positive experience. Click on the doctor to learn more about them.

How to beat melanoma

This sections is devoted to people who have beaten melanoma and have shared their philosophies about how they did it. Read more.

Researchers who can help you beat melanoma

Click here to see a list of people who are dedicated researchers and patient advocates who you can reach out to. They spend their lives researching all of the new and old ways of fighting melanoma, and can be helpful to you in narrowing down treatment options and exposing you to doctors, treatments, clinics, and more that you may not have heard of yet.

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