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Tai Chi
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What is Tai Chi?

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Tai Chi Chuan (or Taijiquan) is a Chinese martial art form often referred to in popular culture simply as "Tai Chi." Tai Chi itself is a concept in Chinese philosophy denoting the "supreme being" or "life-force" or that which creates the yin and yang. During this Chinese martial art form, the individual focuses both on mindful and slow physical movements coupled with an emphasis on breath and mental awareness. Practiced both for the purposes of defense training as well as health and longevity, tai chi chuan is being studied for its effectiveness in the treatment of many chronic conditions and other health challenges.

Tai Chi is an extremely popular form of exercise among older Asians in China and other Asian countries. In the US, it is gaining widespread use as a method of improving balance and preventing falls among seniors. The slow movements of Tai Chi provide a gentle framework for enhancing physical control and improving balance.

Tai Chi is also advertised to improve overall health and enhance immunity, but this has not been evaluated scientifically to any significant extent.