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Diabetes Type 2
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Diabetes Type 2 Treatment: Diet

There are 5 Diet treatments for Diabetes Type 2.

Understanding how food works in the body is a cornerstone to controlling diabetes. Food turns to glucose through digestion, arrives in the blood stream and is transported into both muscle and fat cells to provide energy. Diabetes is the body’s inability to normally transport the glucose so much remains in the blood stream.

Foods that contain carbohydrate have the greatest effect on blood glucose levels. Protein sources have some effect, and fat very little effect at all. When focusing on blood glucose levels it’s important to have an understanding of carbohydrates in the diet. Today’s diet industry has painted an inaccurate picture of carbohydrates as though this one nutrient is responsible for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other disorders. Human metabolism runs on carbohydrates therefore eating them is important. Carbohydrates are not to be avoid, but consuming an adequate portion size of the healthier carbohydrates can absolutely impact glucose control.

People with type 2 diabetes generally are overweight. Fat cells specifically in the abdomen area contribute to insulin resistance and aggravate blood glucose levels. Even a small amount of weight loss, 5 – 10% of the total body weight or more, can have a positive effect on an individual's ability to control glucose levels.

Nutrition and diabetes education by a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator or nutritionist is well worth the time and effort to get diabetes in control.

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Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) on Diabetes Type 2

This much studied vitamin-like substance appears to minimize symptoms of nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) as a result of high blood glucose levels. Long-term studies as still needed to determine...

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Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar on Diabetes Type 2

Apple cider vinegar taken at meals appears to help lower post meal blood sugar levels and is certainly a safe, albeit tangy, food to take. Studies have also shown that taking apple cider vinegar...

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Effect of Dr. Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution on Diabetes Type 2

Dr. Hyman asserts that lifestyle interventions are the most effective treatment for diabesity (and diabetes). Conventional medicine doesn’t cover the continuum of health, underlying threats, and...

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Mensing, C. et al. (2006). The Art and Science of Diabetes Self-Management Education. Chicago: AADE

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Posted 11 years ago

I have type 2 diabetes and have the typical belly fat metabolic syndrome people talk about. I have had colon cancer and surgery about 7 years ago. So i know that my diabetes was the cause of my cancer..and i believe some things to be true now. Not just my overweight and underexercising caused the problem...but the things i ate. First of all I believe strongly that its our refined flour, sugar and basically european diet thats killing us. Historically and anthropologically we and our long long guts prove that we are not set up for eating alot of meat. We are set up for seeds,nuts,vegetation,fruits and some meat...we are basically still primitive beings put in an artificial environment made by us!..we are trapped in our own food culture and cant see the damage we are doing to our own bodies! anyway, im on the road to change. I stay clear of any white foods including refined rice. I eat no red meat no flour. I started taking green coffee bean extract and i have lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks. I take it with my meds and also take lipoic acid and apple vinegar in the morning.Im changing my metabolism so i am i think burning that mid section fat that is so deadly.

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vikdad1 11 years ago

Hi. Thanks for sharing this powerful experience. It would be helpful to the community if you share your experiences using Apple Vinegar and Lipoic acid here:

Posted a year ago

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