In the last 6 weeks I have lost 12 pounds.  At 5’10”, 184 points, I was not significantly overweight, but I wasn’t “fit” either.  This morning I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 172.  That’s 2 pounds a week that have come off.  First I lost weight quickly, but now it has stabilized around 172.

I am not a weight loss expert and haven’t spent any professional time in the field.  I have simply paid attention to what I’ve read and heard, done a bit of research, and then experimented myself.   Here’s what worked for me, worked for many people I know, and I strongly suspect would for most people:

1)   Cut all simple carbs and sugar.  This means no breads and grains, and nothing that has sugar (or fructose, etc.) in the ingredient list.  The reason for this is *not* calories.  The reason is that sugar and carbs spike your blood sugar levels and force your body to produce insulin.  Insulin tells your body to store what you have eaten, as fat.  If you cut simple carbs and sugar, your body will significantly slow down on storing fat, and you will lose weight. I recommend a cold-turkey, hard cut.  That’s what I did, and I have probably cut simple carbs by 90%.  Its impossible to cut completely, but a hard cut keeps you focused.

2)   Eat a lot less.  This may seem obvious, but there is more than meets the eye.  First, there is evidence that eating a “calorie restriction diet” is actually healthier for you.  It doesn’t overwork your digestive system, it actually boosts your immune system, and it saps less energy from your body.  According to the charts I should eat 2200-2400 calories a day.  In my experience this is completely wrong.  I have cut my calorie consumption down to 1400-1600 per day, and eat nutrient-dense food, instead of calorie dense food, and I’m getting everything I need.   Cutting 1000 calories a day was really hard at first – it takes about 3-4 days before your body gets used to the smaller portion size and lower level of calories.  But after that, the hunger pangs go away.  Again, I recommend a hard cut here.  Don’t cheat, and don’t wean yourself down (which will almost inevitably end up in your cheating).  Suffer through the first few days and you will be rewarded after that.  I should add, however, that if you are exercising intensely, you will need more calories.

3)   Exercise.  Again, this may seem obvious, but the un-obvious part is that you do not have to exercise much to get the majority of the benefit.  15 minutes a day, 4 days a week is enough.  It’s even better if you can do intervals (ex. programs like Peak-8, where you go hard for a short burst, and the rest.  Some research suggests 20 mins of Peak 8 is as good at 60 minutes of regular exercise).

That’s it.  Frankly, even if you just cut carbs and eat less, without exercise, it will start to work.  The exercise just accelerates it, and also makes you feel better and healthier.


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  1. So, in summary, eat right and get exercise?

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