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Acetaminophen, Isometheptene, and Dichloralphenazone
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

What is Acetaminophen, Isometheptene, and Dichloralphenazone?

(a seet a MIN oh fen, eye soe me THEP teen, & dye KLOR al FEN a zone)

• This medicine is used to treat headaches.

What are the precautions when taking this medicine?

• Avoid other sources of acetaminophen. An overdose may cause dangerous problems.

• Check medicines with healthcare provider. This medicine may not mix well with other medicines.

• Avoid or limit alcohol intake (includes wine, beer, and liquor) to less than 3 drinks a day. Drinking too much alcohol may increase the risk of liver disease.

• Be careful if you have G6PD deficiency. Anemia may occur.

• Tell healthcare provider if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant.

• Tell healthcare provider if you are breast-feeding.

What are some possible side effects of this medicine?

• Feeling dizzy. Rise slowly over several minutes from sitting or lying position. Be careful climbing.

• Liver damage can rarely occur.