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Green Coffee Bean Extract
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Just as black tea is made by processing green tea leaves from their original state, ordinary coffee is made by roasting green coffee beans. This processing alters the chemical makeup of the plant product. In an analogy to the medicinal study of green tea , an extract made from green coffee beans is undergoing increasing investigation as a possible health-promoting supplement.

Like green tea, green coffee bean extracts (GCBE) contains strong antioxidants in the polyphenol family. Polyphenols protect body issues against damage caused by free oxygen radicals, and are found in many foods like tomatoes, apples, chocolate, coffee and tea.

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Chlorogenic Acid

The primary polyphenol antioxidants in green coffee bean extract are in a family known as chlorogenic acids (CGA)....

Because Green Coffee Bean Extract’s popularity is a recent phenomenon, the body of research supporting its health benefits or detriments is minimal. Still, a few human studies and several more animal studies researching the impact of GCBE on health have been conducted. The strongest (but still relatively weak) body of evidence supports GCBE's positive impacts on weight and blood pressure, with some sparse evidence suggesting its benefits as a diabetes treatment. For simplicity, the health challenge addressed by each study is presented in bold before the study’s summary.

Human Studies-

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GCBE causes weight loss?

Weight Loss. A clinical study released in January 2012 showed outstanding results for GCBE’s potential in reducing body weight, and is largely responsible for the current buzz...

Safety Issues

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GC Beans (

The lack of large-scale human trials on Green CoffeeBean Extract has caused there to be minimal evidence on its potential long-term side effects. Generally, it is thought to be a safe substance.

In human trials, no significant adverse effects have been seen.

  • In the 117 person male study that showed promising results in reducing blood pressure, no adverse effects from GCBE were shown in the physical, clinical, or medicine/history examinations. (Read more about GCBE & Blood Pressure)
  • Similarly, in the study of 28 Japanese patients taking GCBE for two months, no serious side effects coincided with the extracts beneficial impact on hypertension. Long-term ingestion of the extract did not change any biochemical balances in the...