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Acne Treatment: Herbs

There are 3 Herbs treatments for Acne.
Written by ColleenO, Jennifer Yee.

Yarnell and Abascal1 wrote about different herbal approaches to acne. Antimicrobial herbs could be used to combat P. acnes and S. epidermidis bacterium. The most commonly used antimicrobial herb is tea tree oil (often diluted in jojoba oil). Basil oil, eucalyptus and Oregon grape are also promising antimicrobials. Since inflammation plays such a large role in acne, Orgeon grape, barberry, goldthread, goldenseal, yellowroot, scute, and magnolia are suggested. For anticomedogenic herbs such as guggul can help keep the follicle and pore open and clean. For hormonal acne, chaste tree and saw palmetto are recommended.

Pitchford also suggested eating chlorophyll-rich foods and ingesting blood-purifying diaphoretic herbs such as sarsaparilla root, sassafras root, burdock seed, and yarrow leaves and flowers.2

Burdock and red clover have also been suggested as effective treatments for acne.

Treatments include:


Effect of Tea Tree Oil on Acne

As an antiseptic, tea tree oil helps treat acne by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that are associated with the condition.

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Effect of Bhavaprakasha on Acne

The Bhavapraksha formuation is often used to treat acne along with the Charak Samhita formulation. These herbs remedy the imbalances that are the source of acne.

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Effect of Charak Samhita on Acne

The Charak Samhita formulation is often used in conjunction with the Bhavapraksha formulation for the treatment of acne. This combination of Ayurvedia herbs address the imbalances that are at the...

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