Adhesive Capsulitis—Arthroscopic Surgery
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Posted 11 years ago

Perhaps this is is the wrong place as the subheading is arthroscopic surgery. I have used massage therapy techniques to successfully treat and eleminate Adhesive Capsulitis over 40 times in the last 17 years.

this is a common issue with our excessive computer related work environments. I have prevented the need for surgery in almost every case. Sometimes surgery is what is needed, especially when thee are severe tears in the biceps tendon and joint capsule tissues.

Most of the time the joint capsule needs to be worked through with cross fiber frictions, fascial unwinding, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy to upper traps, teres major and minor, subscapularis, infra and supra spinatus muscles to name a few. Proper neuromuscular ( active range of motion, joint mobilization, hydrotherapy, Traumeel Ointment, Voltarin...) exercises to retrain the rotator cuff muscle group to eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns. (use of therabands, balls, and wall exercises are a huge part of the rehab. Acupressure and acupuncture is also effective. There is a point on the upper lateral leg (4 fingers down from the knee cap in the soft flesh of tibialis anterior) that releases the restricted range of motion of the shoulders almost instantly.

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