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Allergic Rhinitis
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Experiences with Allergic Rhinitis and Ayurveda

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Posted 11 years ago

myself is Dr.Yatender Sharma i am an ayurvedic doctor and i have given ayurvedic treatment to lots of patients suffering from allergic rhinitis who previously had taken allopathic medicines but the were not gettin much relief and instead of it caused them lots of side effects, afer using ayurvedic medicines regularly they have shown very good results without any side effects.. i use to give ayurvedic medicines in various other diseases which are hard to cure for example paralysis, slip disc, sciatica, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and many more which has no satisfactory treatment in allopathy and they have shown very good results... all the patient has to do is just have some patience coz many of theese diseases respond to the treatment after some period of time depending upon the nature of the patient, disease, time period of illness, and the diet of the patient etc..

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