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What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Androstenedione Side Effects and Warnings

Written by FoundHealth.

Safety Issues

There are concerns that androstenedione, like related hormones, might increase the risk of liver cancer and heart disease. In support of this last consideration, there is some evidence that androstenedione can adversely affect cholesterol levels. 1 In addition, because androstenedione may raise testosterone levels in women, it could cause women to develop facial hair and other male-pattern appearance changes. 2 According to one case report, use of androstenedione was associated with loss of libido and decreased sperm count in a 29 year old bodybuilder. 3 While a single case report does not prove cause-and-effect, androstenedione's apparent ability to raise estrogen levels in men would be consistent with these symptoms.

Another case report suggests an additional potential complication with the use of androstenedione. 4 A man who was using androstenedione to improve his physique experienced priapism (painful continuous erection) for over 30 hours, requiring a visit to the emergency room. Previously, also while using androstenedione, he had experienced an episode lasting 2 to 3 hours that spontaneously resolved itself. It isn't certain that androstenedione was the cause, but this appears to be the most likely possibility.


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