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Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances)
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Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances) Treatment: Body

There are 4 Body treatments for Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances).
Written by ColleenO.

Consider the following lifestyle modifications, which are recommended for people with heart-related conditions such as arrhythmias:

  • Exercise regularly: Choose exercises you enjoy and will make a regular part of your day. Strive to maintain an exercise program that keeps you fit and at a healthy weight. For most people, this could include walking briskly or participating in another aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes per day. If your arrhythmia causes you to tire easily, you may have to limit your physical activities. Talk to your doctor about how much physical activity is appropriate for you. See the exercise article for more information and tips. If you are being treated for congestive heart failure, which often causes fatigue, an arrhythmia can worsen the condition, and correcting the arrhythmia may improve your symptoms.
  • Lose excess weight: Excess weight can put a strain on the heart muscle. If you are overweight, adopt a sensible eating plan and exercise routine that will enable you to lose weight gradually and maintain your weight at the desired level. One indicator of healthy weight is body mass index. BMI of 25 and above is associated with high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and increased risk of heart disease.
  • Discontinue or avoid smoking: Smoking damages your blood vessels, reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood, and forces your heart to work harder. Discuss with your doctor the best way to help you quit smoking. See the smoking cessation article for more information and tips. Also remember that secondhand smoke is detrimental to your health. Make sure you are not exposed to cigarette smoke at all.

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Effect of Exercise on Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances)

How exercise affects your arrhythmia depends on what kind of exercise you're doing and what kind of arrhythmia you have. Talk to your doctor to figure out the right kind of activity for your...

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Effect of Smoking Cessation on Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances)

Quitting smoking can help prevent and treat some arrhythmias. It can also help prevent heart disease and heart attacks, which are some of the primary reasons why some people develop arrhythmias.

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Effect of Acupuncture on Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances)

Some people may attempt to use acupuncture to help treat some of the underlying causes of Arrhythmias and other heart conditions. For example, acupuncture can help people to quit smoking, give you...

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Effect of Yoga on Arrhythmias (Heart Rhythm Disturbances)

Exercise and weight loss can help treat arrhythmias. Not only good for exercise, the meditative breathing component of yoga can help to calm individuals with arrhythmias as well.

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