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Autism Treatment: Body

There are 5 Body treatments for Autism.
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Effect of Avoiding Sensitivities on Autism

People with autism can have somewhat unusual sensitivities. There is no way of knowing what a person with autism actually receives from his senses. Clothes may feel like sandpaper, broken bones may...

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Effect of Massage Therapy on Autism

Massage therapy might also be helpful for autism spectrum disorder, according to one small controlled study.17

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Effect of Acupuncture on Autism

Since people with autism can be very sensitive to touch, acupuncture might be a tough sell. Regardless, if they can withstand the treatments, acupuncture can actually help to lessen some of the...

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Effect of Yoga on Autism

For those with the ability to stick with it, yoga can be extremely helpful in treating some symptoms of autism; individuals with autism can sometimes (often with practice) can learn to benefit the...

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Effect of Feldenkrais Method on Autism

The method was founded as a way to attain optimally efficient movement mechanics to prevent or recover from injury, but its applications have broadened to include the treatment of autism,...

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