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Preventing Autism

Written by FoundHealth.

Reducing Your Risk

There are no guidelines for preventing autism because the cause is unknown. Scientists are actively searching for a better understanding of autism and ways to prevent it.



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1 Comment

Posted 11 years ago

Yes, how sad. 20 years into the worst epidemic in the history of our nation and no one can tell a worried Mom how to prevent autism. Billions of dollars in research and not one treatment nor cause found, perhaps because they refuse to look at what they already know is the cause and what tens of thousands of parents are saying caused their child's Autism. Despite this, there are in fact recomendations for being as safe as possible and perhaps cutting your risk. First start taking vitamins and cleaning up your environment at least one year before getting pregnant. Stop using poisonous products in your home...bug sprays, weed sprays, etc. Use only non-toxic cleaning products. Invest in a good water filter. Eat more natural foods and try to avoid GMOs. Never touch MSG or Aspartame. Have all mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite and then do a good detox regime, again at least one year before getting pregnant. Avoid mercury sources such as large fish, tuna, etc. Investigate vaccines thoroughly. Learn why they started recomending vaccines for pregnant women despite never having been tested, and thoroughly research vaccines for your child. Consider using a modified schedule or keeping your child home longer and starting later when they have somewhat of an immune system on their own, or not vaccinating at all. Breast feed as long as possible. Since they are now admitting that Autism is environmentally caused, that may trigger weaknesses in some children (the genetic component), it is important to pay attention to anything and everything around you and what you put into your body. And no one but you has only your best interests at heart, all others have alterior motives. Trust yourself, your Mommy instinct. There is talk these days of Mitochondrial disorders, be aware that you can get these from the parents, or certain drugs and chemicals can cause them. If a mitochondrial disorder is present in your child and they follow the CDC vaccine schedule, then they are at a severely increased risk of a serious vaccine reaction and consequently Autism. If you are worried about not vaccinating at all, at least find out if your child may have a mitochondrial disorder, which would make your decision much easier. It is believed that the current rate of mitochondrial disorder in the U.S. is around 1 in 50. Not too far off of the Autism rate. These could be the canaries in the coal mine. A serious illness or vaccines can start a horrible downward spiral for these children taking them quickly from normal to ill and disabled. I would check into the testing for mitochondrial disorders before vaccinating. If you think that sounds like a big extra pain in the ass, you should try autism!

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