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Back Pain
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Back Pain Treatment: Herbs

There are 2 Herbs treatments for Back Pain.

The use of herbs might be a good addition to your back pain relief program. Some herbs have healing properties similar to to many prescription drugs. Although there aren't sufficient studies to support claims, herbal products continue to gain popularity as more and more people turn to natural cures. Herbs generally have a better safety profile than prescription medications.

Some herbs are also in tincture or glycerine extracts. Herbs are available commercially in many forms, some of them are marketed as dried extracts such as capsules, powder and teas. Below are some herbs that may help in treating back pain

Treatments include:


Effect of Black Haw on Back Pain

The bark and roots of the black haw plant contain pharmacologically active ingredients. These include salicyclic acid, salicin, oxalic acid, tannins, and scopoletin. The salicylate contributes to...

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Effect of Willow Bark on Back Pain

The bark of white willow has salicin, a chemical similar to acetyl salicylic acid or aspirin. This is the substance that produce for the pain-relief and anti-inflammatory effects of the [willow...

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