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Bipolar Disorder
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Experiences with Bipolar Disorder and Vitamin C

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Posted 9 years ago

I have taken high doses of vitamin C - ususally 2 but up to 4 grams per day when it is on offer. I also have kidney stones hundreds in each side - not related. I have bipolar and medullery sponge kidneys. I have taken high doses of vitamin C on and off for a few years now. Vitamin C has never had any effect whatsoever on the stones. they are there and have formed the same whether taking lots of vitamin C or not. what it has had an effect on is my bipolar. I take Vitamin C and magnesium and Vitamin B6. When I stop taking the vitamin C and magnesium and Vitamin b6 I am ok for a few days, then I start to feel my moods declining. So I go back on it. At the same time as vitamin C I have also been adding lemons to my diet and lots of lemon juice (for the stones)I don't do it all the time, so I cannot say it in anyway counteracts vitamin C. I have been told by a few experts in the field that Vitamin C does NOT affect kidney stones. I believe that. when you are told by doctors you will die from your kidney ailment (as was my case) you tend to change your outlook and try things. After all, I had nothing to lose. I have been taking herbal teas as well, mistletoe and shepherds purse which as had an amazing effect on my blood pressure and helped to calm me down lots. I also use magnetopath healers for pain relief - who also advise high doses of vitamin C. In the last two years my kidneys and bipolar are lots better.
when I posted this, it says on the left 'sirenstich has tried and and would recommend it' I did not say that - this site did. I said it worked for me. I would recommend anyone interested in using vitamin C to google and research the work of Linus Pauling. there is also evidence on the internet on Utube of peoples experiences with vitaminC high doses in cases where they would have otherwise died. I shall try to find the utobe video and post it at another time. If anyone is interested in the herbal teas I take I can tell them. European law prohibits anyone who is not a doctor from recommending anything - so I don't . I am not a doctor. But I will be happy to share my experience. I would suggest anyone interested in trying anything I have tried, seek the advice of their specialist first. I did and continue to do so.

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