Black Tea
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Black Tea Side Effects and Warnings

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Safety Issues

As an extraordinarily widely consumed beverage, black tea is presumed to have a high safety factor. Its side effects would be expected to be similar to those of coffee—heartburn, gastritis, insomnia, anxiety, and heart arrhythmias (benign palpitations or more serious disturbances of heart rhythm). 1 All drug interactions that can occur with caffeine would be expected to occur with black tea.

Interactions You Should Know About

If you are taking:

  • MAO inhibitors : The caffeine in black tea could cause dangerous drug interactions.
  • Stimulant drugs such as Ritalin: The stimulant effects of black tea might be amplified.
  • Drugs to prevent heart arrhythmias or to treat insomnia , heartburn , ulcers , or anxiety : Black tea might interfere with their action.
  • Folic acid : Black tea may decrease the absorption of folic acid into the blood stream. 2


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Posted 8 years ago

to much caffeine keeped me awake

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Posted 8 years ago

blacktea keeped me awake to much caffine

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spechner 8 years ago

If you love drinking tea, try rooibos as another option!

Posted 4 years ago

Black tea is in the chai drinks I so love. As long as I drank only 1 cup in the AM at a reduced dosage then what was on the label, I didn't have a problem. But when the Dr. put me on Lisinopril(5mg) for high blood pressure, I had to stop drinking my chai drinks. That combination kept me awake. It's a bummer.

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