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Bladderwrack Overview

Written by FoundHealth.

Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed found on the coasts of the North Sea, the western Baltic Sea, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A common food in Japan, it is used as an additive and flavoring in various food products in Europe. Bladderwrack is commonly found as a component of kelp tablets or powders used as nutritional supplements. It is sometimes loosely called kelp, but that term technically refers to a different seaweed.


It is important not to take bladderwrack in dosages providing more than the recommended daily intake of iodine. For more information on the appropriate intake for various groups of people, see the iodine article. Products that provide bladderwrack should state the amount of iodine they provide. If this information is not there, do not take it.




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