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What is a Treatment?

At FoundHealth, any viable Medicine, Herb, Diet, Body, Mind or other treatment that promotes functionality and health is considered a "treatment." Some popular treatments discussed are medical solutions, exercise, herbal supplements among countless others. We know that solutions, and even cures, to health challenges can be found through a variety of healing treatments. Many of these treatments can work together to cure your or your loved one's health challenge! If you're looking for a health treatment, look no further than FoundHealth!

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X-ray (0 usages, 1 contributor, 0 questions)
X-ray of breast tissue (0 usages, 1 contributor, 0 questions)
X-ray, chest (0 usages, 1 contributor, 0 questions)
Xianggu (0 usages, 1 contributor, 0 questions)
Xylitol (0 usages, 2 contributors, 0 questions)
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