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Carpal Tunnel Release
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Carpal Tunnel Release Usage

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Effect of Carpal Tunnel Release on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Release is a simple procedure that can be done in several ways, depending upon your particular case and the surgeon's experience and preference.

The thick ligament on the palm...

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Reasons for Procedure

The median nerve runs from the forearm into the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when this nerve is squeezed at the wrist as it runs through the carpel tunnel. This results in pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness in your hand and wrist. Pain may also radiate up your arm.

Carpal tunnel release is a surgery to relieve pressure on the median nerve. The pressure is reduced by opening the ligament of the carpal tunnel. The ligament is called the transverse carpal ligament.

Surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome is usually recommended in the following instances:

  • Other therapies have failed, including icing, splints or braces, anti-inflammatory medicines, steroid injections, physical therapy, or ultrasound.
  • There is shrinkage (atrophy) and weakness of the muscles controlling the thumb.
  • Studies of nerve functioning show the median nerve is not working properly.


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