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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment: Body

There are 8 Body treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Written by sshowalter.

Since carpal tunnel syndrome is most likely a result of repetitive overuse of the wrists, making changes to these bodily habits mihgt help reduce or even cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

In addition to those listed below, a simple change in how your wrists are positioned during sleep may solve early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Sleep with your wrists cocked upward instead of bent downward to minimize pressure in the carpal tunnel.

Treatments include:


Effect of Ergonomics on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

For those who spend a lot of time seated at desk, working/typing on a computer, answering phones and doing general office work, the repeated motion(s) incurred on the writs can often cause carpal...

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Effect of Yoga on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hatha yoga, a system of stretching and balancing exercises, has been tried for carpal tunnel syndrome, and some have found it to be very helpful in mitigating the pain associated with carpal tunnel,...

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Effect of Magnet Therapy on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The administering of magnets on the wrists is thought to possibly help in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Effect of Warm-Up Exercises on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

According to a report published by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a simple warm-up routine may greatly reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome. This routine, combined with...

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Effect of Resting on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Along with any other carpal tunnel syndrome treatments you try, you’ll need to rest your hands and wrists for a short time.

Also, ice and elevation can provide temporary relief from carpal...

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Effect of Acupuncture on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Though most people with carpal tunnel syndrome will need to change the behavior that is causing the condition, acupuncture can also help. Acupuncture seeks to remove the underlying blockage that...

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Effect of Splints on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It has been said that the best non-surgical, non-drug treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist splint. Splinting the wrist can help reduce the inflammation that causes the pain of Carpal Tunnel...

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Effect of Massage Therapy on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Massage therapy has shown to have positive effects on the symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome such as pain and tingling.

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