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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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Experiences with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Bromelain

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Posted 12 years ago

I suffered severe carpal tunnel symptoms. Hands tingling, numbness, aching clear up my arm. Esp. at night and when I raised my arms above my shoulders. I got cortisone shots in my wrists 4 months ago but it did not help at all. I was informed that surgery was my only hope, and that without it I would eventually lose use of my hands. I am not a good "patient". I find it hard to be patient with negativity and I have always believed that God would not allow us to be stricken with anything that He has not already provided a cure for. We just have to figure out what it is! After some research into natural anti-inflammatories, because I knew I couldn't continue taking large doses of Ibuprofen any longer, I began taking Bromelain 2000GDU 500mg caps (2 caps 2x per day. After about a week I noticed I was sleeping all night without waking to the horrible numb dull pain. I am now about 4 weeks into this regimen and CTS just doesn't seem to be an issue anymore! I am going to continue with this therapy at this dose to see if it helps my problems with Plantar Fasciitus. I may decrease the dose after a while.

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jwint 12 years ago

Bromelain is reported to havr an anitinflammatory and analgesic effect. There are similar medications that may also relieve symptoms of inflammation and swelling but you should pay attention to hte information available on these over the counter remedies much like you would for a prescription medication. Just because it is "natural" doesnt mean it isnt harmful