Celiac Disease
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Experiences with Celiac Disease and Acupuncture

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Posted 10 years ago

Before acupuncture treatment, my Celiac Disease was causing me to have terribly painful and constant toe cramping. It had been going on non-stop for 1 1/2 years before seeing the doctor. I had a feeling that I was wearing "tight socks" on my toes along with the cramping. By getting acupuncture, at first 3 times a week, then twice, the "tight sock" feeling disappeared! Additionally, the continued treatments would help when I was having a severe episode. The pins would, at first, intensify the cramps and pain, but then about 2 hours later, both would be relieved to some degree for a few days, if lucky, a few hours, if not. On the whole, it definitely helped me deal with the cramping and pain I had, and continue to have. Without it, I think I would be in a much worse medical situation than I would have been in had I not received acupuncture treatments.

Ron K.

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spechner 10 years ago

That's great to hear that acupuncture has helped with celiac disease! Were you staying away from wheat when you did have the toe cramps? How often are you going now to see the acupuncturist?