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Cervical Cancer
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Cervical Dysplaisa

Written by sshowalter.

The stages of progression from a healthy cervix to cancer begin with what is called mild dysplasia: precancerous alterations in structure and activity. Prolonged infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) is thought to be the primary cause of these changes. Subsequently, altered cells spread from the surface of the cervix down toward the underlying tissue. In the early stages, cancerous changes may disappear on their own, but once these cells fully penetrate the lining, progression to true cancer usually occurs within 5 to 10 years.

Luckily some herbal treatments and nutritional treatments are really helpful, especially during these early stages of dysplasia.

Medical treatment consists of watchful waiting for spontaneous regression during the early stages of dysplasia and, if no regression occurs, more aggressive removal of the cervical lining by laser, freezing, or other medical techniques. These options are usually successful; however, they are invasive and frequently uncomfortable. Take a look at some of the less invasive Treatments for Cervical Cancer.

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