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Posted 10 years ago

Taking this herb has been beneficial for my wife in cleansing. It pushed toxins out of the lymph nodes around here ear so fast that she broke out. Yet, with strong herbs the work is intense and thus the toxic build up needs a quick exit. That is why it is best to start herbs small and work up and make sure the elimination channels are moving. Hydration, good night rest, and proper excercise is all associated with proper HEALTH CARE. We are only becoming more toxic if we are only cleansing half way. The traditional and current positive affects of chapparrel for masses of folks far outmatch the downsides of a few cases of improper usage. Also consider the FDA & pharmaceutical companies propoganda andd misinformation tactics.

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sshowalter 10 years ago

This is a great answer. Thank you for making the important point about how "cleansing half way" is actually even more detrimental than not cleansing at all! Has she (or you) used any other herbs?