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Posted 9 years ago

After using for 5 days i started to get a mid grade headache and fever; on the 7 day of use the headache got worse and so did the fever. It took more than 10 days off the Chinese Skullcap before the headaches where gone but i am still having hot flashes. I was taking in the the over the counter supplement Zyflamend as instructed by my doctor as an anti inflammation option instead of a NSID, he thoughts are that i was also on a Zocor and Rampril which may have interacted with the with the Skullcap and the Goldthread in the Zyflamend. I am now going the a Chinese herbalist to have to have a custom supplement mix with some of the other supplement in the Zyflamend and some other herbs that might replace the skullcap and goldthread. I will post again with the results

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