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Choline Usage

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Effect of Choline on Bipolar Disorder

Only weak evidence suggests choline for the treatment of depression.6

Read more about Bipolar Disorder and Choline.

Therapeutic Uses

A form of choline called choline alfoscerate has shown promise for Alzheimer's disease . 1 A substance related to choline called CDP-choline (or citicoline) may be slightly helpful for enhancing recovery from strokes . 2 Slight evidence hints that lecithin or pure choline may be helpful for people with bipolar disorder . 3 Lecithin has failed to prove effective for tardive dyskinesia . 4 Lecithin has also failed to prove effective for improving cholesterol profile levels. 5 Some evidence suggests that individuals with HIV who are low in choline may experience more rapid disease progression. 6 However, there is no direct evidence that choline supplements offer any benefit for people with HIV.

Numerous studies have found that diets very low in choline lead to impaired liver function. 7 But these diets are contrived: One would have to work very hard to get so little choline in the diet! To what degree additional choline may benefit people with pre-existing liver damage is an area of ongoing research. In a double-blind study , use of phosphatidylcholine enhanced the effect of interferon in people with chronic hepatitis C, but not those with chronic hepatitis B. 8 Open studies have yielded mixed results. 9 Finally, there are theoretical reasons to believe that choline might have cancer-preventive properties. The notion stems from its function as a methyl donor. Methyl units are essential for RNA and DNA replication—a process ongoing in every cell of the body. The theory goes like this: Diets lacking sufficient methyl donors (such as choline) may cause an error in RNA or DNA synthesis, leading to a mutated gene and, hypothetically, to cancer initiation. 10 Indeed, in rats fed diets very low in choline and other methyl donors, cancer rates increased. 11 However, again it is a long step from the effects of an artificially low-choline diet to taking choline supplements.

Choline as phosphatidylcholine may reduce homocysteine levels. 12 This, in turn, might reduce heart disease risk, although the proposed homocysteine-heart disease connection remains far from proven. (See the High Homocysteine article for more information.)


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