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Cola Nut
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Cola Nut Usage

Written by FoundHealth.

What Is Cola Nut Used for Today?

Based on the cola nut's caffeine content, Germany's Commission E has approved its use for the treatment of fatigue . 1 Cola is ingested daily by millions as one of the main ingredients in cola soft drinks. It is also used in diet and "high-energy" products such as food bars and as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages, frozen dairy desserts, candy, baked goods, gelatins, and puddings. 2 However, the caffeine-containing cola nut, used in original recipes for Coca-Cola should not be confused with gotu kola .

Because of its caffeine content, cola nut would be expected to increase urination, stimulate the heart and lungs, and help analgesics such as aspirin to function more effectively.


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