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Colostrum Usage

Written by FoundHealth.

Therapeutic Uses

Many, but not all, studies have found that hyperimmune colostrum might be able to help prevent or treat various forms of infectious diarrhea . 1 Colostrum has also shown some promise as a sports supplement , presumably because it contains growth factors, but study results are inconsistent. 2 3 For years, people with ulcers were advised to eat a bland diet and drink lots of milk. Although this treatment was eventually found to be ineffective, according to one study in rats and a small human trial, 4 ordinary colostrum (although not milk) might help protect the stomach from damage caused by anti-inflammatory drugs. It has been hypothesized that colostrum's growth factors help stimulate the stomach to regenerate.

Weak evidence suggests that oral hygiene products containing ordinary colostrum might have beneficial effects in a disease of the mouth called lichen planus, as well as in the condition known as Sjogren’s syndrome (which also affects the mouth by reducing salivary flow). 5 One study found that colostrinin, a substance extracted from colostrum, might be helpful for Alzheimer's disease . 6 Ordinary colostrum has been suggested as a treatment for short bowel syndrome (a condition following digestive tract surgery), chemotherapy-induced mouth ulcers, and inflammatory bowel disease ( Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis ), 7 but as yet there is no real evidence that it is effective. 8 A study cited by some colostrum manufacturers as showing that colostrum can prevent or treat upper respiratory infections (such as colds ) was actually far too preliminary to do more than hint at benefits. 9 A proper double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 148 adults failed to find colostrum helpful for shortening the duration of sore throat . 10


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