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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
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Experiences with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Beta Blockers

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I'm a professional and
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Posted 10 years ago

Awaiting further detail from this user...

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Posted 10 years ago

Coreg is straight up scar just like the review boards for it. It makes my mind too closely linked with my breathing and heart and wakes me up short of breathe. The clinical trials show a 5% increase in length of. Life but its not worth it to me if the quality of every day and night is compromised so badly by it not being able to sleep well. Instead I highly recommend getting some large plants - aloe, ficus Benjamin , mother in law's tongue and other plants recommended by NASA to remove toxins from this list:

Add more if you don't feel all your excess co2 and toxins being sucked out of your place. Also please add a fax so there is some circulation of the air and at least add a anti allergy air filter to your ac unit

Finally try creatine it made the world of difference to me. The extra 20% boost it gives to muscle in my case at least does apply to heart muscle as well. I like the Ke-Alkalyn brand because it has a patented delivery system.

I hope you get better.

And please stay away from plastics by throwing away large laundry bins and garbage cans. Wikipedia bpa plastics. And keep an arms length from chicken. Two thirds of the suppliers for the student lunch program, chicken meat got caught with putting in 1,600,000,000 lbs of FDA banned antibiotics of the fluoroquinolones class - which includes cipro, the ,pet most dangerous amtibiotic which no only damages tendons to the point of snapping but also messes with the immune system and appears to be a trigger for gout and edema and heart failure.

U.S. Patent Attoney Dr. Greg Slettelamd, Esq.

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