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Bioenergetic Therapist


About Me

I've been in practice as a bioenergetic therapist for 26 years and have been director of the Michigan Society for Bioenergetic Analysis for the past 15 years. Additionally, I was a speech and language pathologist for 26 years. I've had a longstanding interest in mind-body-spirit connection and the relationship between wellness and dis-ease.... (more)

How I Stay Healthy

Lots of laughter, breathe deeply, move freely, and express your truth! I eat mostly food close to nature. I exercise everyday (pilates, fast walking, and some sports like tennis, golf, and dancing). Love like you will never get hurt, dance like no one's watching, and sing from your soul!
Sex is as important as breathing and your spirituality.
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My Experience with Health Challenges

For myself, I have had only one surgery at five years - a tonsilectomy in 65 years. However, I've had many clients with varied health challenges. These range from TMJ, stuttering, neck pain, back pain, colitis, sexual issues, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and spiritual crises. Using bioenergetic analysis I have helped others awaken their life energy in their bodies, to help them open their avenues of expression, to face reality and let go of illusions. This work has led clients to heal their health challenges and allow their lives to deepen and become richer, but not necessarily easier.... (more)

Bioenergetics Bioenergetic Therapist • 3 contributions
I have treated many people who have had what had been previously been diagnosed as chronic conditions. Through their work with me as a Bioenergetics Therapist, many have completed recovered and most have been able to alleviate many of their symptoms.... (more)

Back Pain Bioenergetic Therapist • 1 contribution
I have treated many people through the years who have had significant back pain. Through my work using Bioenergetics, many of my clients have found relief to what previously had been called a chronic condition.... (more)