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Dr Brad

Dr Brad

Dr Brad ND


About Me

Bradley R. West, N.D. is a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine. His focus and training is in holistic care and detoxification. With an internship as a Hygienic Physician, Dr. Brad uses detoxification and deep healing through fasting, drainage/homeopathy, nutrition and food-as-medicine, exercise therapeutics, targeted supplementation, bioidentical HRT and functional labwork. His emphasis is on chronic disease treatment, prevention, nature-cure, endocrinology and gastroenterology as well as CFS/FMS. He can be reached via his website: (more)

How I Stay Healthy

Exercise daily with weight training, walking, yoga or sports. I also stay healthy by focusing on organic veggies and plants for meals and keep meat, sugar and grains to a minimum. I also try not to snack between meals and just drink water. And I use periodic (usually biannual)juice fasting combined with colonics, FI saunas and other detox tools to stay health, clean and lean.... (more)

My Experience with Health Challenges

I have treated IBS and chronic digestive issues as well as hormone imbalances and fatigue in many patients and family members. My own personal challenges have mainly been with pain and stiffness from injuries such as a neck arthritis and a low back herniation with chronic discogenic pain and weakness.... (more)

Shared experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 12 years ago

Excellent for ADD, stroke, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others who want to experience HBOT.