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Randall Friedman

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About Me

Randall Friedman,RMT is a Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver, BC with over 17 years experience -since 1994.

I am the owner of Crossroads Massage Therapy now located at:

Innate Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
Suite #220 – 2475 Bayswater Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6K 4N3

604 873-4161

I am a deep tissue massage therapist along with many different skill sets which include subtle techniques that go very deep, generally with little pain and always within your pain tolerance. I create long lasting results by releasing joint restrictions and rebalancing the core muscles that hold your structure in alignment first. Once aligned you will maintain the deeper work much longer then just having the more superficial tissues released. I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of client populations from:

Professional and amateur athletes (rehabilitation and performance enhancement),
Profession desk jockeys (you know who you are!)
Post and prenatal work,
Musician specific work (when they can afford me
Pre and post operative support,
Motor Vehicle Accidents : ICBC
Stressed to the max, my body hurts everywhere clients.
I am an experienced EFT -Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner and treat a wide variety of emotional issues from physical/emotional pain to more complex issues as PTSD, Phobias, Weight loss, Anxiety, and clearing core issues that no longer serve you.
If you don’t fall into one of these categories give me a call, I will refer you on to someone else if there is someone better suited to help you then me.
I love all things Photography, Music, Mac, Meditation and finding the beauty and bliss in all things. I am dedicated to continual personal growth and achieving a level of mastery for my passions. My personal mission is to positively affect the world by helping people become aware of the resources they have available to them, and to empower their ability to truly release their limiting beliefs and need for suffering. To change the world one only needs to start with themselves. We are all agents for change.

Wishing you all abundant health and happiness

Randall Friedman, RMT

Crossroads Massage Therapy

Relief, Recovery, & Results
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How I Stay Healthy

First and foremost I strive to create balance in my life.

I choose to eat well (most of the time)
I exercise regularly with a personal trainer weekly (kinesiologist)
I workout at my gym 1-2 additional times/week
I love kick boxing! great workout.
I meditate regularly - Living meditation during my massage treatments, A special meditation for healers to release what is picked up from clients. Shakti Darma from Parmahamsa Nithyanada
Drink lots of water
Smoothy daily - blueberries, greens +, Chia seeds (omega 3's) yogurt, mango etc.
Take Omega 3 fish oils
Foster a very positive attitude, Gratitude, Blessings on many things -Love Heal Thank you.
Love my kids, Love my wife.
I have great friends who accept me just the way I am. I do not allow people in my life who bring me down.
I take responsibility for what I feel and clear out what does't belong.
I use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques regularly.
I use NLP regularly
I get massage every 2 weeks.
I listen to music regularly
I read constantly, especially positive personal growth, self education. Science fiction...
I don't read newspapers, I rarely watch the news.
I have a Diploma in Marketing and understand what the media does to influence our lives.
I pay attention to my money and abundance.
I love what I do for a living - Massage therapy, personal coaching, Apple computer consulting, Fine art photography.
I surround myself with inspirational people.
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My Experience with Health Challenges

My work is physically hard and because it is repetitive 6-8 hours/day, 4 days/week of deep tissue massage I have created some imbalance in my body. I am constantly working on keeping the right side of my body free from restriction and pain, it is a challenge.... (more)

Shared experience with Low Back Pain and Sciatica and Massage Therapy 9 years ago

There are several reasons why people experience sciatic pain. The first most common in my experience is technically referred to as pseudo sciatica or piriformis syndrome. This is caused by a tightness in the piriformis muscle that attaches at the hip bone and front edge of the sacrum. This muscle lies superficially to the sciatic nerve. When a person sits too much or for a variety of reasons gets tight gluteal and piriformis muscles, the pressure on the sciatic nerve can create sciatica like symptoms namely moderate to severe pain in the buttocks often running down the side or front of the leg, sometimes all the way to the foot, this can associated with symptoms of burning sensations and in extreme conditions numbing and tingling in along the nerve pathway in the leg and feet. When it is truly piriformis syndrome correcting the pelvic alignment and dealing with the hypertoned muscles in the buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps, iliotibial band and tensor fascia latae muscles can produce significant relief. Long term relief is also supported with the right stretches and exercises to address imbalances, tightness and dysfunctional movement patterns. Massage works really well in the right hands to create space and break the cycle of nerve irritation in this case. There are tests we do to differentiate pseudo sciatica from true sciatica which is nerve root impingement in the lumbar spine often associated with disc herniation. While it is much more difficult for us to eliminate true sciatic symptoms we can help the body create an environment where the discs have more space to re-hydrate, move back into place and create less nerve irritation. There will always be some people who will require surgery to obtain relief. Massage can go a long way to reducing the severity of the symptoms and promoting better alignment and mobility of surrounding structures. Not just any massage therapist will be able to deliver this level of treatment it requires a deep understanding of the body and a healthy set of techniques. Training from such teachers programs like Tom Myers KMI structural Integration practitioners, Paul St. John, Upledger, Osteopathic training like Muscle energy technique, Positional release and cranio sacral can get you close to a practitioner with the right skill sets. I hope this is helpful. Randall Friedman, RMT

There are several reasons why people experience sciatic pain. The first most common in my experience is technically referred to as pseudo sciatica or piriformis syndrome. This is caused by a tightness...

Shared experience with Adhesive Capsulitis—Arthroscopic Surgery 9 years ago

Perhaps this is is the wrong place as the subheading is arthroscopic surgery. I have used massage therapy techniques to successfully treat and eleminate Adhesive Capsulitis over 40 times in the last 17 years.

this is a common issue with our excessive computer related work environments. I have prevented the need for surgery in almost every case. Sometimes surgery is what is needed, especially when thee are severe tears in the biceps tendon and joint capsule tissues.

Most of the time the joint capsule needs to be worked through with cross fiber frictions, fascial unwinding, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy to upper traps, teres major and minor, subscapularis, infra and supra spinatus muscles to name a few. Proper neuromuscular ( active range of motion, joint mobilization, hydrotherapy, Traumeel Ointment, Voltarin...) exercises to retrain the rotator cuff muscle group to eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns. (use of therabands, balls, and wall exercises are a huge part of the rehab. Acupressure and acupuncture is also effective. There is a point on the upper lateral leg (4 fingers down from the knee cap in the soft flesh of tibialis anterior) that releases the restricted range of motion of the shoulders almost instantly.

Perhaps this is is the wrong place as the subheading is arthroscopic surgery. I have used massage therapy techniques to successfully treat and eleminate Adhesive Capsulitis over 40 times in the last...