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About Me

Freelance writer and editor specializing in health and wellness. Clinical medical writer by training, with a strong interest in wellness and holistic care, which has helped me immensely. Sadly, our industrialized, fast-paced lifestyle has left our society plagued with many illnesses. Life is too short to suffer unnecessarily..we all need to take a step back, breathe, and discover the wonderful remedies nature has gifted us with, as our ancestors did.... (more)

How I Stay Healthy

Sleep (7-8 hours preferably), water, anti-inflammatory diet (fruits, vegetables, fiber, low amounts of grains and gluten, fish, legumes); exercise, yoga

My Experience with Health Challenges

Depression, anxiety, and weight issues

None 30 expertise • 3 contributions

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 10 expertise • 4 contributions

Acupuncture 10 expertise • 1 contribution

Apple Cider Vinegar 10 expertise • 1 contribution

Magnesium 10 expertise • 1 contribution

Turmeric 10 expertise • 1 contribution

ADHD • 3 contributions

Yoga • 2 contributions

5-Hydroxytryptophan • 1 contribution

Depression • 1 contribution

SSRIs • 1 contribution

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