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Cortisone Injection
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Posted 11 years ago

last year (2011) Bristol-Myers Squibb,the makers of kenalog cortisone steriod injection drug,added a new warning to the kenalog label stating for it NOT to be used for epidural injection or anywhere the spine.The reasons for this is that it has caused a wide variety of severe heath implications and death.I had this injection by epidural 8 months ago and am still suffering from the effects.This drug has driven people insane,you may read for yourself at this link-

You may also read the warning label at this link-

Many,nearly all doctors are either unaware of this or ignoring the warnings resulting in devastating outcomes to patiants who have not been given the correct warnings of potential side effects.These adverse reactions may be rare,but are life changing and life threatening. If you are suffering from a kenalog injection reaction please contact me in regards to legal

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