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Experiences with Depression and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Posted 12 years ago

As a clinical psychologist in-training, I have been educated in treating depression using CBT methods as well as psychodynamic therapy. In my experience with patients, CBT tends to improve depressive symptoms most when there is a strong alliance between the therapist and patient prior to the implementation of CBT methods. The relationship between the patient and myself is primary and must be strong before CBT is delivered. For some who practice in the field of psychology, CBT seems a bit too scripted or structured for their tastes as a practitioner. For me, it has been a good fit as I like both the structure and protocols that are part of the treatment but also enjoy the flexibility in when and how the content is delivered. I have had the most success with those patients who intellectually "get" the tenets of CBT, are willing to do the hard work both in and out of session, and are not afraid or resistant to try something new. Just introducing the patient to common cognitive distortions that many of us engage in on a daily basis can be illuminating to the patient. Combine self-awareness and education with concrete strategies for how to change that negative self-talk and half the battle to eliminating one's depression has been won!

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Posted 12 years ago

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