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Experiences with Depression and SSRIs

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Posted 11 years ago

Prozac has been a match for me. It felt like a miracle when I first started taking it, as it took the reins of my depression, that I had long struggled to control, and brought it into check. I must add, though, that only the NAME BRAND PROZAC works for me, the knock-offs are just not the same! Because of this, I have not taken the drug in quite awhile (expense,) but My insurance has changed and will cover it so i will begin again. Another thing I discovered is that if I take it at night before I go to bed, it does not interfere with my sleep since it has about an eight hour uptake time.

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vikdad1 11 years ago

Glad to hear that your prescription is going to be covered again. Also, great advice about taking Prozac b4 bed. I wonder if other people have noticed the same.