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Depression Treatment: Herbs

There are 5 Herbs treatments for Depression.

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Many herbs have been used as an alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressant medication treatments due to their relative safety in comparison. In Europe, herbs are a popular treatment for depression, with the herb St. John's wort being the most purchased treatment for depression. These herbs can range in action from enhancing mood-elevating hormones in the brain to promoting relaxation which can counter depression symptoms.

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Herbs are used in a variety of ways: consumed in teas, in tinctures, as spices in cooking, in supplements and even eaten or used to smell in their original state right after being picked.

It is important to work with a practitioner who will help identify your specific depression symptoms and contributing causes as this will determine which herbs will be effective.

Treatments include:


Effect of St. John's Wort on Depression

St. John’s Wort works as a monoamine (MAO) inhibitor, preventing MAOs from breaking down certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, it increases the amount and time of mood elevating...

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Effect of Kava on Depression

The active ingredients, kavalactones, are said to have sedating and relaxing effects that do not compromise mental clarity. The availability of kava in a supplement form for the treatment of anxiety...

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Effect of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine on Depression

Chinese herbs are most often used in conjunction with acupuncture to treat many chronic diseases and the same is true of their joint effectiveness in depression treatment.

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Effect of Ginkgo Biloba on Depression

Though often used in the treatment of memory conditions, Ginkgo Biloba has inadvertently been found to also elevate the mood and decrease depression symptoms of participants of certain Ginkgo...

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