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Dr. Hyman's Blood Sugar Solution
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Posted 11 years ago

The need to help patients regain health by balancing hormones tends to be a daunting task for health professionals. Dr Hyman's The Blood Sugar Solution takes away all the confusion by providing a simple, easy and effective program that patients are comfortable with. Compliance is key to eliciting successful outcomes and with his program, patients consistently report how easy it is to follow his guidelines. I see the efficacy in his program month after month when patients show me improved HA1c's,fasting insulin levels and cholesterol panels. But most importantly, I feel great about relying on this program because of what my patients say about how it makes them feel and the quality of life they have gained since starting it. All the information in The Blood Sugar Solution is timeless and will be part of my practice for years to come- or until he provides the medical community with his next great program!

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Amelia_Stuntman 2 years ago

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matheuselizabeth973 a year ago

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