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Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Diet

There are 2 Diet treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.
Written by ColleenO.

Eating a healthful diet--one that is low in saturated fat and high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains--is usually recommended for people with erectile dysfunction. In addition, some supplements may offer effective treatment.

It may be helpful to avoid soy and soy products because soy isoflavones, chemicals that occur naturally in the plant, may contribute to erectile dysfunction by reducing testosterone levels.1

Treatments include:


Effect of L-Arginine on Erectile Dysfunction

The substance nitric oxide (NO) plays a role in the development of an erection. Drugs like Viagra make the body more sensitive to the natural rise in NO that occurs with sexual stimulation. A simpler...

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Effect of Carnitine on Erectile Dysfunction

Carnitine is best known and researched as an energy-boosting substance. The body uses it to turn fat into energy. Supplemental carnitine is used to improve the ability of certain tissues, such as...

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  1. Gardner-Thorpe D, O'Hagen C, Young I, et al. Dietary supplements of soya flour lower serum testosterone concentrations and improve markers of oxidative stress in men. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2003;57:100-106.

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