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Feldenkrais Method
What is it? Overview Usage Side Effects and Warnings

Feldenkrais Method Side Effects and Warnings

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Posted 9 years ago

I greatly improved in mobility with feldenkrais and also released certain chronic pain. However, i also initially moved way too fast and out of sink with others. After an FI (hands on treatment) i became/felt very light. Like someone had undone the taunt violin strings of my apparatus. Was a great sense of freedom at first - but then i lost grounding and was neurologically confused. Was too much and something i was not accustomed to. Was not the me i was use to who used effort and power to play sport etc. Should have been some sort of counseling or communication to go with it. Later when told not to do too much i still did. Is like going to a class and the teacher says to go at your own pace. Is human nature to try and keep up sort of thing. Years later i did a week-end workshop to do with life patterns. Was very good really as i never smoked again nor had a single craving. The workshop had nothing to do with smoking by integrated deep organic patterns of breathing. i am very grateful for this yet still a bit tentative about hands on work.

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