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Fibromyalgia and Water Exercises

Written by maria_rn.

Effect of Water Exercises on Fibromyalgia

Water is a conducive environment for a fibromyalgia exercise program. Water exercise improves flexibility and strength in an environment that reduces the discomfort that accompanies fibromyalgia.

Getting the muscles healthy can offer some relief for fibromyalgia patients. Improved muscle flexibility promotes a healthy range of motion around the joints. Muscle strength is also crucial when daily tasks become more difficult, especially on episodes of flare ups. With strong muscles, it will be easier to carry out activities of daily living.

Water exercise supports the body and cushions the joints, hence, it is well tolerated by fibromyalgia patients. Moving in the water provides a challenging workout without overstraining the body.

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How to Use Water Exercises

It is recommended that water exercise program should start with low-intensity sessions, and then gradually working up. To determine how the body responds to the exercise, the patient should start with 2 sessions a week, several days apart. Like any exercise program, it is crucial to know one's limitations and not to go beyond them. If certain exercise causes pain, the patient should talk to the instructor. An alternative way of doing the exercise may be suggested or the patient may just need to sit that one out.

Types of Professionals That Would Be Involved with This Treatment

After checking with their health care providers, patients considering water exercises should look for a qualified instructor or therapist in their area.

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