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Fibromyalgia Treatment: Herbs

There are 2 Herbs treatments for Fibromyalgia.
Written by maria_rn, ritasharma.

More and more people are becoming interested in alternative and natural remedies in the treatment of chronic disorders like fibromyalgia. There are herbal remedies that may offer symptomatic improvement. Herbs like ginseng, licorice root, echinacea, and St. John's wort nurture and strengthen the body and mind. They help by boosting energy, and relieving pain and depression.

Fibromyalgia patients who are considering herbal treatments are encouraged to seek the guidance of a physician or health professional trained in natural medicine. With many herbal products and so much information available, it's quite easy to get confused about what to use and how to use them. However, if properly guided, patients can be successful in managing their symptoms with natural remedies.

Treatments include:


Effect of Ginseng on Fibromyalgia

The American ginseng contains a saponin that has a depressant effect on the central nervous system. This contributes to the anticonvulsive, analgesic and stress and anxiety relieving properties of...

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Effect of St. John's Wort on Fibromyalgia

St. John's wort may be helpful for fibromyalgia because it relieves depression and promotes restful sleep. St John's wort has been used as a herbal remedy for various health problems for...

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