Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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Experiences with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Gamma Oryzanol

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Posted 11 years ago

UNBELIEVABLY good for anxiety. I am not a BITCH anymore!!! Longer I use it, the less I notice ANY stress. I am a completely NEW person. My personality has changed 180 degrees. I don't stress out about work in the middle of the night anymore, nor yell at the kids nor husband. I even eat less from stress! I kept track of my personality in a journal, and found differences EVERY week. I have been on it for 4.5 yrs now. I still find little changes as time goes on. I used to have stomach shakiness when I would get upset, hands would shake also....GONE. It would take me an hour to calm down from a fight with my husband. Now I don't even argue. We discuss and I get back to work. Now my whold family is on it. Wow. Life is nice now.

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