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Ginkgo Usage

Written by FoundHealth.

What Is Ginkgo Used for Today?

Fairly good evidence indicates that ginkgo is effective for Alzheimer's disease and other severe forms of memory and mental function decline; when used for this purpose, it appears to be as effective as standard drugs. 1 Inconsistent evidence hints that ginkgo might be helpful for enhancing memory and mental function in seniors without severe memory loss as well. 2 Weak evidence hints that ginkgo (alone or in combination with ginseng or vinpocetine ) may be helpful for enhancing memory or alertness in younger people. 3 Combining phosphatidylserine (another substance used to enhance mental function) along with ginkgo might increase its efficacy. 4 In addition, ginkgo may be effective for the treatment of restricted circulation in the legs due to hardening of the arteries known as intermittent claudication . 5 One substantial, well-designed double-blind, placebo-controlled study found evidence that ginkgo extract taken at a dose of 480 mg or 240 mg daily may be helpful for anxiety . 6 Weak and, in some cases inconsistent, evidence from preliminary double-blind trials hints that ginkgo might be helpful for glaucoma , 7 macular degeneration , 8 conjunctivitis , 9 PMS , 10 Raynaud’s disease , 11 sudden hearing loss , 12 vertigo , 13 and vitiligo . 14 Although study results conflict, on balance the evidence suggests that ginkgo is nothelpful for tinnitus (ringing in the ear). 15 16 Three small, double-blind trials enrolling a total of about 100 people found preliminary evidence that use of the herb Ginkgo bilobacan help prevent altitude sickness . 17 However, a large scale, double-blind study enrolling 614 people, failed to find benefit. 18 (The drug acetazolamide, however, did provide significant benefits compared to placebo.) A similarly designed smaller study enrolling 57 people also failed to find ginkgo effective. 19 Overall, the balance of evidence suggests that ginkgo is not effective for this purpose.

Numerous case reports and uncontrolled studies raised hopes that ginkgo might be an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in men or women , particularly in those cases related to certain antidepressant medications. 20 21 22 23 However, the results of a number of double-blind studies (see Why Does this Database Rely on Double-blind Studies? ) indicate that ginkgo is no more effective than placebo, whether or not subjects are taking antidepressants. 24 One small study failed to find ginkgo helpful for the treatment of cocaine dependence . 25 Two studies failed to find ginkgo helpful in multiple sclerosis . 26 Chinese research suggests that ginkgo might enhance the effects of drugs used for schizophrenia (both phenothiazines as well as atypical antipsychotic drugs). 27 An open study evaluated combination therapy with ginkgo extract and the chemotherapy drug 5FU for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, on the theory that ginkgo might enhance blood flow to the tumor and thereby help 5FU penetrate better. 28 The results were promising, but much better research must be performed before ginkgo can be recommended for this use. Similarly inadequate evidence hints at benefits in dyslexia. 29 Ginkgo has also been proposed as a treatment for depression and diabetic retinopathy , but there is little evidence that it is effective for these conditions.

Note: There are some theoretical safety concerns regarding ginkgo and diabetes . See Safety Issues for more information.


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